Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rivers Edge

The focus of my new campaign at the moment, it is a small town but sits at the crossroads from the "Dale Lands" to the east and the more untamed lands to the west. It sits alongside the Silver River and is split into two sections, an upper ridge and a lower riverside. The upper ridge tends to be a little nicer and has more of the "wealthy" citizens that reside in town. The riverside tends to be a little rougher around the edges and has many of the more adventuring types of businesses that adventuring bands tend to look for.

There is a large clock tower that operates in the center of town and chimes on the hour, generally the houses are two stories with at least one fireplace but two are not uncommon. The first floors are usually stone and then wooden uppers with peaked roofs that are shingled and insulated. Windows are shuttered and filled with thick glass, in the fairer temperatures those windows and shutters are opened to let the fresh air in. Most homes have a common room, a kitchen and then a room for the children and then one for the parents. Wealthier homes will have more rooms, possibly another bedroom more likely some kind of sewing room or a workshop of some sort.

There are a few churches in town...(This is something I'm still working on)

There is a barge that operates just to the north of Riverside, and sees much activity during the spring, summer and fall but is not operated during the winter months...

More later

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