Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Palladium RPG System by Kevin Siembieda. I have a love hate relationship with this system, the hate part is that game balance is pretty much ignored. The love part is that I really like the magic, psionic and combat system, I really really do!

The skill system though is rough, really rough and it didn't get much better as more games were added using the system. There is just something though that I feel the need to try and use...more paper...gotta love paper.


  1. I have never played it (as you know) but wonder if there is a age where you can pick up new games like Palladium and an age where you just say the hell with it, I have enough games now.

  2. Indeed there comes a time when you say ok, no more for me! I have been holding on to Palladium since 1983 I have no problems with holding onto something at this point. I was able to trim some stuff down and use what I wanted and it worked and then I realized what I had just done was over simplify things and I decided once again to put the books away and read them only for the fluff! Gotta like fluff tastes good on a cold day..speaking of, next post coming!!