Monday, January 3, 2011

The Northlands

Rough and tumble country, I would picture it as somewhere in Colorado if I were looking for some type of comparison to the real world. You have some great plains but then you have mountain ranges in and around the plains.

The Dale Lands are heavily borrowed right now from the Realms, I will change that as time goes on but I wanted a picture to stick in my head and that worked quite well. The countryside is broken up by the occasional woods and we have large farmstead that support the villages that make up the dales.

We have a home for the dwarves and the elves and hobbits (halflings) and depending on the rules set a home for the half orcs. In the past we have had a war between dwarves and the elves but that was long ago, the land still carries the scars and that is where the fun is. ;)

Crown Pointe is the capital of the White Woods Barony and that is actually a city, the only one in the is not Waterdeep or Greyhawk but it is my large metropolis that I hope the party gets to at some point. IF I had to compare it to something I might have to use Sanctuary, but I'm not sure that is an accurate one right now...we'll see.


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