Friday, January 21, 2011

I live in the Chicago land area and in case you had not heard it is FREAKING cold here and that made me think about Savage Worlds HELLFROST. I do like Savage Worlds and would love to test it out again now having a better handle on a few things. I'm not sure if you have ever taken a look at the world, I have to tell you there is some fun things going on here. I feel there is a nice mix of Greyhawk meets Middle-Earth.

The land has been frozen and races have had to adapt, new races have made their appearance and of course you have the obligatory monsters. I am really starting to dig the vibe here, don't know if I would sit tight on the world, I might, or I might adapt a few different things. This really is the strength of the Savage Worlds system, it is much easier to comprehend then Rifts/Palladium and I think it is even easier then Unisystem. Well I am going to be doing some reading today about this cold world setting, I don't need much inspiration, just looking outside helps.


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