Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Doctor Who Game

Alright...I will explain what happened from the perspective of a viewer but the people playing are really not sure what is happening....

When we last left off Holly Winters had found that only she could access the 13th floor of the hotel they were staying in, three college friends helped her get tot he floor BUT when she stepped out, they were gone.

Holly saw six doors but only one of them were opened and light was spilling into the hall...she walked in and found an empty room the room was what you would normally see in a hotel BUT there was a doorway out of here. The doorway led to a catwalk and a metal staircase down, taking the stairs down she found an octagonal room that had five doors in it and one doorway, this doorway led to a costume room. Exploring for a weapon, she found a cricket bat, taking this she found another door, this one opened revealing a library, complete with study areas and lights and thick orange yellow carpeting as well as a circular staircase going up. Taking the stairs she found a door that opened and revealed another octagonal room colored in white and gray. There was an octagonal control center that was badly damaged and the walls in here were burnt and blackened. Finally she heard the voice again, "Holly I've waited a long time for you." She fled out and took the catwalk this time finding a pool and a garden..she had to go back this time she went back to the control room and asked if she could leave. A mechanical voice asked if she had the key, she said what key, then there was a debate of computerized voices and finally one of the screens came on showing her mother, Noel. Noel explained that she was proud of her daughter and all of the things that she had accomplished even if she herself had not done them yet, but she needed her daughter to bring back the key. Explaining that she had given something to her as a baby, the player remembered that her mother had given her a charm bracelet before she died...but that was at home in San Francisco.

Wow!! I need to go but I will finish more of this later...the rest of the group had to be detailed out....


  1. Sweet. I need to get some Doctor Who action in.

  2. LOL!

    I was going to ask if you had a Tuesday free at some point and sit in as the guest time lord, The Professor!