Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Doctor Who Game Part 2

Holly left the new found room and went down to the lobby running into one of her friends, Marcus, they talked and Holly's phone rang it was another friend Kristy who explained that she needed to see her in front of the hotel....she hung up. As she did she was approached by a woman in the uniform of a security officer from the hotel, "If you want to live come with me." Marcus and Holly followed her through the backways of the hotel and into a waiting suv. The woman explained that they were from UNIT and that there was a piece of alien technology on the planet and it was dangerous and Holly had the key to it, off to San Francisco. They also told them that there were aliens on the planet and they were trying to get this technology and it couldn't fall into their hands.

Now the rest of the group found themselves captured...held in a basement somewhere in Vegas. A Mr. Roberts introduced himself and he needed them to convince Holly to come as she was the only one that they had not tested yet. Kristy tried calling her and told her to come to the front of the hotel. Roberts left in a flash of light, the group found another young woman in the basement a Ginger Bailey who was in the uniform of a server from the hotel they were staying at. She said she couldn't remember much...Roberts came back and explained that Ginger had stumbled onto the UNIT operatives and saw to much, she needed to be watched over until this was done. Roberts also told the group that their friend had been abducted by aliens and that she needed to come back to Vegas. Roberts identified himself as a UNIT operative and that the aliens were disguised as humans but they could be identified by the fact they couldn't show humor, Roberts also inoculated them against the alien pheromones that would be dangerous to them. Shane had one question but before he could ask it there was a flash and the rest of the group was in an alley with a vehicle and tickets to San Francisco!

Fun because the players were all at the same table and heard all of what each week there will be the introduction of The Professor! I hope to tell the story in four parts maybe five!

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