Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Berry Grove

Berry Grove

The Hobbits of Berry Grove are industrious, inventive and very sturdy folk. They have fought off attacks from a variety of different humanoids and when pushed into a fight they fight are very dangerous. They are also a fun loving people who enjoy a good wine or spirit, they adore good cooking and of course nothing goes with either of those than a good story and a pipe.

There are a good six or seven families that make up the population of Berry Grove and over the years of course they have mixed but they are proud of their family past. With this in mind there is a guild of sorts, called the Berry Grove Seekers, these hobbits leave the Grove and search for treasure lost from hobbits over the years. The hobbits that become involved in the Seekers are a cut above other hobbits having skills and abilities that they can use while out looking for lost hobbit treasure.

There is a myth of a lost Hobbit City, this has been the focus of many of the Seeker expeditions, NOW the one thing the Seekers won't do is steal. IF they find something that can be traced to the original owner they will do everything that they can to try and get it back to the owner or a descendant if possible. This is a great point of honor for them, and if they are ever compared to a Thieves Guild...let's just say that any wines or spirits destined for that party might not taste the best until a formal apology is given.

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  1. Love anything to do with halflings and hobbits. Not a race I play much, but one that has a lot of good potential for background material.