Monday, January 10, 2011

Ahh...the Weekend

Ok so the weekend consisted of some great finds at two estate sales we went to, and the two re-sale shops we visited! We had a great dinner with Tim and Natalie, though we did get a surprise that we were not expecting!!

Sunday Gina gave blood and I took the kids to spend the last of the Xmas gift cards, which they spent on Pokemon that they could then download some new pokemon only from Games Stop.

Now there was a brief conversation about running things at GenCon and I am going to run this year, three events for now.

1) The Lonely Tower: Beginning Swords and Wizardry game for ages 7-13.
2) The 13th Floor: A Doctor Who game that starts in Las Vegas moves to San Francisco and ends up...well that would ruin the surprise.
3) This slot is still very much open, though I have quite a few ideas...we shall see what catches my fancy.

Well that's it for now...back to work, no I mean really work. ;)


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