Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stargate Command/Stargate RPG


Last night stumbled upon some old notes for my Stargate Command RPG campaign that I ran for a bit and it took me back seven years!

2003 and Alderac Entertainment released the Stargate Command RPG at GenCon that year and I was not able to go due to the birth of my third son, but two really great friends went and bought the game for me. Not only did they buy it but they drop shipped it to me so that by Saturday I had the game in my hands!!

Now I am a die hard SGC fan and it even displaced my love for Star Trek, heck my wife started watching that show and later on my older sons as well! Over time after seeing every episode at least twice and owning most of the seasons the fondness went away and I moved on.

2010 Stargate Atlantis came and went after SG-1 was canceled and now we have Stargate Universe...and I have watched a bit and just couldn't get into it. I know it's a dark show and the casting is actually pretty good but it just didn't do it for me.

Well I think that I am going to dust off the game and see about converting it to my favorite Sci-fi game, Traveller. Traveller has become my go to scifi game and I can see having some fun with this one as well. Just have to see if I can get A, B, C, S and T to give me a one shot with this one...and yes those are the initials of my players, no D as of yet. :)

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  1. I wonder which player I am...

    So I never watched Stargate SG1, nothing against the show, it just was never a priority for me to watch.

    So yeah, I try it out sometime.
    Can we play our Pathfinder characters in it?