Wednesday, July 7, 2010

After Surgery

Ok for the next few days I am going to be restricted in movement, I had arthroscopic knee surgery. I am looking at things that I have downloaded and not really looked at. One of the first things that I started looking at was Swords and Wizardry...I have to say that I like the simplicity of the rules, I might have to actually pay for a print copy here down the road.

I also liked some of the addons that I have found out there, Kilgore has some great house rules and I could see myself using these with my high school kids group. I sponsor the club in the high school I work at, usually between 4-6 players are what I have and one of the great rules that Kilgore uses is a roll to see if you level! Great idea for a group that has limited time!!

Before I nod off here I wanted to say that I saw the post about DnD essentials and I once again know that I am glad that I am teaching my own kids Pathfinder. DnD 4 has pretty much run its course with me...I will pick up something that looks interesting but right now I am not impressed with the marketing strategy nor the direction the game is going.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon man!

    Funny, the D&D Essentials articles so far have my interest in 4e up again.