Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Modern Horror

Why is it about this time every year I get the itch to do some modern horror...well don't fight it!

I usually pick up my Eden books, and start plotting. Being friends with Tim B. the writer of Ghosts of Albion has it's advantages as we were one of the test groups for him so we have access to the writer and a ton of our notes, so we can incorporate a lot of that info into our Modern Horror Games.

The big baddie here is Chicago by Night, this started off with two players and now has grown to three and we play when we can...the first two characters are siblings, twins as a matter of fact, separated at birth. They have found themselves in Chicago and the entire first season was about them getting their butts kicked by the various supernatural creatures in Chicago. Until the very end when a power play was put in motion by an upstart Vampire who wanted to be the Prince of Chicago and he used our players to accomplish that...and in turn they came into their own and the butt kicking ended, well their butts anyways. :)

They have been put into the position to be the Guardians of Chicago...and a little more that they don't know about...we have had our Summer Adventure, our Fall and our Winter the next time we play it will be our Spring and you know what happens in the spring...that's right Allergy Season! :) Well that will be a surprise anyways....

The great thing about playing with some really powerful characters is that you can throw a boat load of crap at them and not feel bad about it. They were joined in their last adventure by a Kabbalah Mystic with his own talking skull, yea I ripped it but trust me I'm ok with it. These three characters can lay some serious smack down and they have...and I have had them up against some nice little I can start planning the next one.

Well that's it for June, see you all next month. :)

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