Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Game Log from Pathfinder Game

I know it's been a bit but I was gently reminded by my one follower that I had not posted anything about our last session...

Recapping the group had been hired by the Silverheel Clan to investigate the location of a shot lost to time. The group had found something and were last left with a decision on where to go and what to do...they chose to go forward into a room that left them filled with more questions than answers...a room that let them experience something from the past? They were able to go back in time to speak to some dwarves that had a settlement in the mountains...when and where was something that was left unanswered.

Finally they tried to climb downward...the Mage, didn't quite make it but the feather fall spell did...right into the water near the underground island, on where the big baddie was!! Now it was a race of time PLUS the major hitters had doffed their armor to better survive a fall....the fight ensued and the baddie beaten BUT not before the chamber they were in began to flood and the only one left standing was the ever falling ranger!!!! He saved the day and they were able to return with a report for the Silverheels.

They were sent to speak to some dwarves about an Axe and along the way found a dwarvish caravan that had been ambushed and apparently everyone dead....???

We are gaming on the 12th, should be fun!!!!

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