Monday, April 19, 2010

Pathfinder Campaign Chapter 1.1

The group of adventurers find themselves working for the Silverheel Clan of Gnomes. The Silverheels would like someone to locate their lost workshop, this workshop was lost over 1000 years ago.

After almost two days of searching the party found a hidden staircase in the foothills of the mountains (name to follow). The staircase had also been recently found by some orcs, the brief battle left four orcs dead.

Descending the stairs led the party to a small room and a trap, the trap caused Durga and Korbin to fall into a small cistern. Callista was chosen to descend and pull up the party, even though there was a staircase here.

The party back together dealt with the remains of a chest and were surprised by some skeletons, these skeletons were quickly dealt with. Moving on after a nights rest the party was ambushed by some very strange creatures that vaporized into a black crystal like mist once killed. Finding a strange room full of chains and pulleys and such the party found another staircase leading them deeper inside the dungeon.

The party now had found a landing that over looked a very deep drop into a chamber that was a lake with a small island. There were various landings that at one time must have been connected by bridges but now the bridges were gone. Using chain and ropes the party descended down to a level that had a room filled with death and decay and glowing mushrooms, Durga was attacked by an Assassin Vine, the party killed the vine and found a staircase as well as a set of double doors.

Going up the staircase good Johan was set upon by an owlbear and was nearly killed, the party killed the owlbear Chargo, but this time Korbin and Tsadok were felled. The party took two days waiting for them to recover. They did and Tsadok was able to heal the party. They had determined that the owlbear was living up the stairs from the cistern from earlier.

Moving back to the mushroom room Callista was able to use his magic and open up the door in here BUT also opened a secret door that held treasure from the Silverheel clan! There was a trap though and it almost killed Korbin, after this the party has decided to stop....

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  1. Korbin and Tsadok recovered only due to the constant prayer vigil of Johan the Brave.

    That's my story and I am sticking to it.